multiple vhost , single SP question

Sean McHugh sean8sean at
Wed Nov 14 15:31:37 EST 2012

I've looked through similar questions and read the wiki, but I'm not sure I
understand fully how I can resolve the following:

- single apache host with Shib SP 2.4.  SP is set to protect all vhosts and
is at
- I have only a single IP address and cert for https://nyc1app032 (cost
prohibitive and admin overhead prevent me doing anything otherwise)
- all vhosts are placed in tcp/80 http ... have 3 :,,
- in the metadata, I've added endpoints for each vhost HTTP-POST profile

All of this works quite well, except for the fact that browsers complain
about switching between http and https during the redirect from the IdP
back to the SP.  Is there any other way to deal with this without
purchasing a wildcard cert, building something into the app itself, etc.?
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