ebsco, proquest configuration?

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Wed Nov 14 15:30:46 EST 2012

* Ortner Nikolaus <N.Ortner at fh-kaernten.at> [2012-11-14 21:04]:
> > >Would anyone care to share details of a working ebsco or proquest
> > >configuration?
> > 
> > We use EBSCO, yes. I just release entitlement, nothing fancy.
> Same here - no problems (attribute release: entitlement,
> persistentId and "member", scoped and unscoped).
> But https://aai-wiki.univie.ac.at/EBSCO (German only, I suppose)
> states [...]

That also states that EBSCO only uses the entitlement, not the
persistentId and not any affiliations. If that's not the case please
update the wiki.

Regarding EBSCO and SAML2.0: Support for SAML2 has been present in the
metadata (and the software used) for a long time and I recall a
message from EBSCO about theactivation of SAML2 (i.e., not forcing the
use of SAML1) at the end of 2011. Haven't heard back or noticed any
changes since, so I'll ask.

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