OpenSAML (SP) + OpenAM (IdP)

Stephen Gaines sgaines at
Wed Nov 14 12:18:26 EST 2012

I am trying to setup my web app to support SAMLv2. In my test environment I have an OpenAM (IdP) server up and running and my application now has OpenSAML setup to try and provide the parsing and validation of the data returned by OpenAM. My problem is that the only type of ID I see coming from OpenAM is what appears to be an encrypted ID. Is there some way to have OpenSAML parse this ID? I need to know who is logged in and this randomly encrypted ID doesn't provide me direct access to that information.

I used the source I found at this site to get OpenSAML into my application.

It doesn't seem to try and decode the NameID into a consistent ID, and I'm using the basic configuration.


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