IDP logout.jsp

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue Nov 13 14:15:12 EST 2012

On 11/13/12 1:07 PM, "Andrew Morgan" <morgan at> wrote:
>Sorry, I don't understand what you mean there.  Let me rephrase...  If I
>turn off the PreviousSession handler, is the "_idp_session" cookie still
>used?  If the cookie is still used, what is it used for?

It's used, it's just not particularly relevant to the logout issue. Mike's
point was that you don't really need to do anything to the IdP if you
delegate all logins to CAS and just turn off the PreviousSession handler
in the IdP. All requests for a login will go to CAS, and then it will be
up to it.

-- Scott

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