Addition of SAML2 support for SP

Jayashree Ravi jravi123 at
Thu Nov 8 15:40:40 EST 2012

Currently all user sessions are initiated at SP and we do not use discovery service. 

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> Subject: Re: Addition of SAML2 support for SP
> Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2012 20:17:16 +0000
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> >Presumably that's true now if the SP has only SAML 1 metadata?  Which is
> >to say, it's not making anything worse?
> It depends on error handling and discovery, but yes, in some sense it
> might just be changing where the error shows up. But that would be a sign
> of a discovery problem in terms of how things are deployed. If you give
> users the option to pick an IdP that doesn't actually work for your
> system, then of course it will break but that's a fixable issue by
> changing discovery.
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