Addition of SAML2 support for SP

Jayashree Ravi jravi123 at
Thu Nov 8 15:14:05 EST 2012

Yes, Since we never had SAML2 ACS so far on SP side, we are assuming there were no SAML2 only IDP that we were interacting with currently. So our assumption was that nothing will break as of today even if we did not update the metadata.  But we started adding the SAML2 ACS points in metadata's anyway so we should be safe I guess.  

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> Subject: Re: Addition of SAML2 support for SP
> Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2012 20:07:10 +0000
> On 11/8/12 2:56 PM, "Jayashree Ravi" <jravi123 at> wrote:
> >Thanks Ian,  We started the process of updating our metadata in other
> >federations as well to include the SAML2 endpoints just to be on the
> >safer side.
> At this point, any IdP in one of those federations that is SAML 2 only
> will simply break. You can't deploy SAML 2 anywhere until your metadata is
> available in all the systems that you may interact with via SAML 2, and
> that means waiting on the SAML 2 enablement until that's done (or
> accepting that it will break for those IdPs).
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