ECP authentication for Office365 federation

Mauro Minella Mauro.Minella at
Mon Nov 5 18:47:39 EST 2012

Hi Jean Marie,

>There some steps for ECP, that I have not try yet.
you say you haven't tried ECP yet, but you are one of the authors, aren't you? :-)
BTW, congratulation it looks much better and complete than the online guide, and very well written.

I haven't tried it yet too (112 pages!) but I'm wondering a couple of things:
- why are you using JNDIRealm rather than JAASRealm?
- why are you setting IMAP rather than the native protocol for Exchange, in Outlook 2010 configuration? That should provide more functionalities and be easier to configure, thanks to the autodiscover record.

Thank you


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