Apache 2.4 producing 500 error when serving DirectoryIndex page from Shib SP protected areas

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Mon Nov 5 09:02:37 EST 2012

On 11/5/12 6:55 AM, "Paul Beckett (ITCS)" <P.Beckett at uea.ac.uk> wrote:

>You mentioned on https://issues.shibboleth.net/jira/browse/SSPCPP-502
>to the fixed 2.5.0 source (
>http://shibboleth.net/downloads/service-provider/unreleased/ - to fix
>configure script for Apache 2.4), on my  development machine this now
>seems to be working well for me in the limited testing I've been able to
>do. Is your expectation that with these patches the SP should now be
>ready for prime-time production usage on Apache 2.4?

Yes, but I would really advise just using the tip of the branch if you're
doing a one-off build to make it work for now.

I guess I would hesitate to say "production" for code I haven't released.
The 2.5.1 patch release is probably going to be later this month or early

But I'm pretty confident this fixes the problem, yes.

-- Scott

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