Unsure why an Attribute is not being released?

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Fri Nov 2 13:11:20 EDT 2012

* Kanuch, Andrew  <Andy.Kanuch at sdstate.edu> [2012-11-02 17:53]:
> I also have a related question. The wiki states that you may have
> multiple policy files. It also states each AttributeFilterPolicy may
> have only one policy rule.  Is there a limit to how many
> AttributeFilterPolicy's you can have in an
> AttributeFilterPolicyGroup?  And  is there a limit to how may
> AttributeFilterPolicyGroups you may have in a single file?

If you're thinking about (programmatically) generating a rule for each
SP personally I wouldn't do that. There are other ways.
E.g. if the assumption holds in your case that you'll have more SPs
than individual attributes you could have one AttributeFilterPolicy
per attribute and list all the SPs that should recieve it below.
Or "label" those SPs somehow, if you manage their metadata
locally. e.g. via entity attributes or by managing them in seperate
named EntitiesDescriptor metadata files and referring to them via a
AttributeRequesterInEntityGroup type rule.

The literal answer: I doubt someone has hard-coded an arbitrary limit
into the software. But physical or logical limits (e.g. memory
available to your JVM) always apply.

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