Errors with default native.logger configuration

Brian Mathis brian.mathis at
Thu Nov 1 19:18:25 EDT 2012

I'm in the process of installing a service provider using shibboleth
version 2.5.0.  When using the default native.logger configuration, files
are created in /var/log/httpd, but they contain the following errors
repeated 8 times:

      2012-11-01 23:04:48 CRIT XMLTooling.Logging : error in file
permissions or logging configuration: exception creating appender: failed
to open log file (/var/log/httpd/native.log)
      2012-11-01 23:04:48 CRIT Shibboleth.Config : failed to load new
logging configuration from (native.logger)

I have tried opening up permissions completely on the files (mode 777),
changed log file ownership to root, shibd, and apache, and also changed the
path to /var/tmp, but the errors persist.

Here are my versions:
- CentOS 5.8 x64 with selinux set to permissive
- httpd-2.2.3-65.el5.centos
- shibboleth-2.5.0-2.1

Anyone have a way to resolve this?

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