Getting 403 error trying to config ECP on Tomcat

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Nov 1 18:03:05 EDT 2012

On 11/1/12 5:54 PM, "Mark John Rank" <rankm at> wrote:
>Another ECP config question. Going to apologize right off the bat
>if this has been addressed already but searching the list archives
>and wiki's hasn't gotten me past what is likely a very simple
>configuration issue.

Does your container log say anything?

>LDAP logs are showing a successful bind but that is all. My hunch is
>I either have something askew with my login.config used for JAAS or
>the <security-constraint> in the web.xml. Snips of both are presented

The role is what stands out for me since I've never used it. I guess those
role properties in the JAAS config are supposed to make all that work, but
I would guess that's the culprit if it's binding.

I would try turning up logging for the JAAS module at the container layer.
That can be tricky of course, but is usually possible.

-- Scott

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