Trojan warning on Shibboleth Windows installation

Jason Lee asktheitguy at
Tue Jan 31 22:52:50 GMT 2012

Hi, all

When we are installing the latest Shibboleth SP (2.4.3) on our Windows
Server 2008, we revived a warning message from local NOD32 Antivirus saying
it contains a variant of Win32/Agent.DNQAVIY Trojan. We ignored it and
proceed to completion, but was hit by another warning message from NOD32
saying \shibboleth-sp\bin\debug\txfmout.exe is probably a variant of
Win32/Agent.DNQAVIY Trojan blah blah, so we had to uninstall it; then we
tried version 2.4.2 on which NOD doesn't give us any warning this time.
However we have other severs in the same cluster running SP 2.4.3 (we
installed them a month ago and no Antivirus warning what-so-ever).

So, would it be OK to have machines in same cluster (behind load balance
but no sticky sessions) running slight different version of Shibboleth SPs?
Also does any other Shibboleth&NOD32 users suffer the same Trojan warning

Many thanks,

Jason (Xiao) Li

Technical Specialist, Identity and Access Management

IT Services - 58 Symonds Street

The University of Auckland

Private Bag 92019

Auckland 1142

New Zealand
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