How to specify multiple authnContextClassRef from SP to IdP

Terry Fleury tfleury at
Fri Jan 27 22:40:34 GMT 2012

As part of the InCommon SP Assurance Use Case testing
I would like to know how to implement "UC2: SP Prefers Silver". I would like
to send four values as the authnContextClassRef using the "query string
parameter method"

I can successfully send a single value such as the following (line breaks
added for readability):

I would like a multivalued authnContextClassRef.  I attempted to pass
multiple "&authnContextClassRef=..." parameters as follows:

However only the first authnContextClassRef was recognized. (I discovered
this by reordering the authnContextClassRef elements.)

Is there a way to specify multiple authnContextClassRef values using the
query string parameter method?

Terry Fleury
tfleury at

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