[SciFed] Tomcat 6 requirement for Shib IDP

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Wed Jan 25 22:34:23 GMT 2012

* Dhivakaran Muruganantham <dmuruganantham at lbl.gov> [2012-01-25 19:36]:
> I don't think i am the only one, interested in running CentOS/Redhat
> platform.
> Doing a 'yum' install using the Standard repo is always preferred method,
> instead of downloading a generic package. I think.

The best (e.g. most flexible, least cruft) S/RPM packages for Tomcat
I've seen are the ones provided by Jason Brittain. They used to be on
his personal website and seemingly have found a new home at
For `yum install` you'd need to import the packages into a repo of
your own. We use our RHN Satellite but createrepo (or others) will do
just fine.

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