Tomcat 6 requirement for Shib IDP

Dhiva dmuruganantham at
Wed Jan 25 17:37:20 GMT 2012

>> The Shibboleth Identity Provider, version 2, is a standard Java web 
application based on the Servlet 2.4 specification.

>> Apache Tomcat 6.0.17 or greater (NOT 7)
>> Java 5 or greater (Java 6 recommended )

My issue here is that Redhat/CentOS machines does have Tomcat 5 packages, 
but NOT tomcat 6.
But the servlet specification is indeed 2.4, which matches with Shib 
I have used jpackage.repo in the past, but it is not consistently providing 
tomcat 6 packages for Redhat/CentOS.

I would like to stay with Redhat/CentOS Package Repository, so i wanted to 
know if Tomcat 5 along with the OpenJDK.


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