Multiple URL's for one application

Jonathan Knight j.knight at
Fri Jan 20 11:05:13 GMT 2012

Hello everybody.

My setup may be a little unusual.  I'm running a Shibboleth 2.4 SP on 
Apache 1.3.  Not ideal, but it's the Blackboard app and Apache 1.3 is 
what it runs on.

The IdP is OpenAthens LA.

My application is behind multiple load balancers which answer multiple 
URL's, however the application is identical and the apache config file 
has a single location declaration and no virtual hosting.


The URL's

are all answered by the same application, although only the URL is unique to this server.  The other URL's are 
fed through load balancers to a number of backend servers.  This isn't 
virtual hosting, it's really just multiple, load balanced, URL's for the 
same application.

I've been reading this excellent piece of documentation

and noticed that the application ID can be specified in the apache 
config file

ShibRequestSetting applicationId myappname

So what I've done is to build the shibboelth integration and that is 
working fine for the URL.  Then I put the following 
into the apache config file

ShibRequestSetting applicationId default

hoping that would override the application ID so that the default 
application would be used for all the URL's that this server might answer.

However that's not what is happening.  It's possible that I've just 
messed up the syntax but I'd like to ask the collective wisdom of this 
mailing list whether I'm approaching this problem in the right way.

Thanks is advance.


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