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Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Jan 19 19:30:25 GMT 2012

On 1/19/12 2:12 PM, "David Gersic" <dgersic at> wrote:
>So this thing messes with the data being transmitted. I can see how that
>would conflict with Shibboleth. Way back at the start, wasn't the
>question asked "is this a vanilla IIS install"? It seems to me that if
>you're adding this to it, it's no longer a vanilla IIS install.

Anything able to mess with the HTTP pipeline of messages that it has no
need to be seeing is definitely not a vanilla install. But I found it odd
that the description of the module was that it compressed responses (they
misstate that as requests, but it seems to mean respones to form posts).
That doesn't make sense if it's blowing up the request too, but I think
the upshot is they mess with something that doesn't work well with the
legacy ISAPI.

I completely favor getting an IIS7 module written, it will solve a lot of
problems, including supporting server variables instead of headers for

It's hard to grasp that Windows 2003, and thus IIS6, is 7-8 years old. It
used to be impossible to imagine dropping native ISAPI, but it's not so
crazy now.

-- Scott

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