Install/Configuration/Run Errors

David Gersic dgersic at
Thu Jan 19 19:12:47 GMT 2012

>>> On 1/19/2012 at 11:29 AM, "Johnson, Roger [BSD] - HSD" <rogermct at>
> !!!!   GOT IT   !!!!
> After over 100 hours of troubleshooting, I found the issue!
> I use a development tool called Telerik (very popular).
> They have a module called "RadCompression".  Removing this functionality
> allows Shibboleth to work.

So this thing messes with the data being transmitted. I can see how that would conflict with Shibboleth. Way back at the start, wasn't the question asked "is this a vanilla IIS install"? It seems to me that if you're adding this to it, it's no longer a vanilla IIS install.

> SO, the problem is solved for now BUT, many developers will not be OK
> with removing the Compression module.  This should be analyzed further
> to come up with a work around.

Workaround: Don't use "RadCompression".

It might be a good idea to add this to the documentation for the next guy that runs in to it though.

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