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Hi Paul,

The simply answer to your question is what you were told about ADFSv2 only
accepting ssl/tls connections is true for all sides of the equation - IDP,
SP & attribure store.  So unless the endpoints can enable SSL you will
need to get creative with your architecture to use ADFS.


> So I've got a new SP that is using ADFS 2 for SAML support. They
> telling me that ADFS 2 will not interoperate with an IdP
unless that IdP
> uses SSL. So if the IdP only supports ACS
locations with "http", they are
> saying ADFS refuses to
> I've read what I can find and while many
examples use "https" endpoints, I
> can't find anything
which says its required. Does anyone have any
> knowledge of
whether ADFS can use http only?
> thanks,
> Paul
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