Install/Configuration/Run Errors

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Jan 19 03:34:27 GMT 2012

> I'm going to try Scotts 32bit try.

You may want to start with getting http working as a test. Most of the time I do testing with IIS using http simply because it's a giant pain to do SSL with, and I don't worry much about it. If there's an issue with SSL support interfering with ISAPI use, I'd be less likely to see it myself.

Not exactly what you want to hear, but I just started an old 2008 R2 VM up on the Shib project's Penn State VM playground server, which had a broken version of 2.4.2 on it. I uninstalled that, it hung, I aborted the uninstall, installed 64-bit 2.4.3 over top, let it generate a new keypair, edited the hostname and entityIDs, grabbed that metadata and exchanged it with my dev IdP at OSU. Worked the first time without touching IIS. It is http though.

I'm happy to give you access to that VM if it's helpful to look at, it's globally accessible if you know the IP/name.

-- Scott

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