Clustering w/ TC 3.5.3 (was Re: Clustering with Terracotta 3.6)

Liam Hoekenga liamr at
Wed Jan 18 17:51:54 GMT 2012

Hey Andy -

re: *sys-package-mgr*: can't create package cache dir,

I'm not sure how to set the python.home variable from within tomcat.  :\

What version of java are you using?  We've been having some really weird
outages that I haven't diagnosed yet, but they seem to be related to


On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 4:17 AM, Sykes, Andy <a.sykes at> wrote:

> Hi Liam,
> > When you stop tomcat, do you see numerous SEVERE level errors in the
> tomcat error log?
> > I've attached an excerpt of ours.  It's slightly concerning.
> Yes, I do. I've no idea if it's TC-related or not. Since it's warning
> about potential memory leaks
> caused by the webapp being stopped, I've always taken the line that it
> can't possibly matter,
> since I'm actually stopping the JVM. I've not had any production problems
> with TC (except the
> occasional split-brain when our network group upgrade routers and
> partition the two IDPs).
> Possibly unrelated, but buried in your log is:
> *sys-package-mgr*: can't create package cache dir,
> '/var/tomcat/work/Catalina/localhost/idp/WEB-INF/lib/jython-2.2.1.jar/cachedir/packages'
> You might want to make sure Tomcat can write there, and anywhere else in
> Tomcat's work
> directory.
> Andy.
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