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Wed Jan 18 15:45:43 GMT 2012

Hello everyone,

I'm extremely new to this sso, shibboleth, IdP, SP, etc. etc. things. So I thought to ask the experts :). I have to integrate our software with shibboleth (only the IdP part of it). For this I need to create some sort of PAM to access the IdP and receive the assertions. Now, I need a few guidelines about how the communication between the java code and IdP should be done. More specifically, what a request should contain and where that request should be sent on the IdP in order to obtain an assertion about the user.

Hopefully my question is clear enough. Any detail about this is greatly appreciated.

PS: what I was able to do was to install shibboleth IdP and configure it to work with testshib's SP.

Many thanks,
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