Install/Configuration/Run Errors

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Fri Jan 13 22:13:18 GMT 2012

On 1/13/12 5:02 PM, "Johnson, Roger [BSD] - HSD" <rogermct at>

>For the same time period in the "Shibd.log" file it has:
>2012-01-13 15:10:21 INFO Shibboleth.Listener [1]: detected socket
>closure, shutting down worker thread

You've stumped me then. You can try getting the error page to pass through
and see if it's a clue, but the other log information referring to the
inability to get the POST body combined with nothing in the real log
suggests the problem is with the client.

If it can't read the POST data, that would explain the symptoms, but
unless there's some kind of firewall or proxy interfering between the
browser and the server, I don¹t know how to address such a problem. I
assumed that those messages were extraneous, perhaps evidence that you
were trying to debug it by accessing the /SAML2/POST endpoint directly
with a GET.

You may want to try running a test with a browser on the same host, or try
alternative browsers, and see if anything changes.

-- Scott

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