Looking for info on OBIEE/SAML implementation

Kevin P. Foote kpfoote at iup.edu
Thu Jan 12 15:08:58 GMT 2012

yes you can do this.. (we/i really need to start a wiki page on ora/
weblogic junk)

Approaches: a) use a OIF/OAM access bridge. Using this method you create
an OIF hosts that is a RP to your Shib IdP. This host then gives saml (bridged) access to
any oracle products that can rely on OAM hooks. b) Alternatively you can 
use the local weblogic SAML-1 implementation on your OBI host. This
makes the (OBI) weblogic container the RP. The only gotcha with this one is you
have to crack open the war file and change the web.xml file a bit..
which you may or may not want to venture down that road.  :-) 

Let me know if you need more 


On Thu, 12 Jan 2012, Joy Veronneau wrote:

-> Hi, I just had a question from one of our customers about setting up Oracle OBIEE 11 as a service provider to use our IdP for SSO. Does anyone know if this is possible or have you done it? I don't know much about OBIEE but I run the Identity Provider here.
-> Thanks,
-> Joy

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