uApprove 2.4 RC1

Halm Reusser halm.reusser at
Mon Jan 9 08:17:36 GMT 2012

Dear uApprove deployers,

soon a new uApprove minor version (2.4) will be released.

What's new?

- uApprove allows to be deployed w/o any JDBC datasource storing
   ToU acceptances and/or attribute release consents. A first
   implementation is a no-operation storage which simply does
   nothing. This implies the features always require ToU acceptance
   and/or always require attribute release consent. This setup might
   fit better in HA/distributed deployments.

- Audit Logging
   uApprove allows you optionally log to the IdP's audit log if a user
   accepts ToU, consents/clear attribute releases or provide general
   attribute release consent.

What's different?

- Pooling Library
   uApprove 2.3 used BoneCP as distributed and default JDBC pooling
   library. Some deployers reported broken connections, which didn't get
   repaired using remote database servers. uApprove 2.4 switched to the
   c3p0 pooling library as default, which is included within the IdP
   distribution. Nevertheless deployers are free to use BoneCP though.

- Documentation
   Besides minor corrections and documentation of the new features some
   advanced deployment instructions are documented such as strict
   content and value comparison.

The release candidate is available at:

The manual is contained in the zip file. See README.

Any testers are highly welcome!

Please send general questions and comments to aai at

For bug reports, please use our issue tracking at

Best regards


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