Error in reading metadata file

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Jan 6 15:43:40 GMT 2012

* Pravin Kulkarni <pravin.kulkarni at> [2012-01-06 14:19]:
> Does your comment mean the RNP guys are using older version of Shibboleth to
> generate the metadata? Is there something which you would like to explicitly
> point out from

Note that the Shib SP tells you the very line number of the error in
the incorrect metadata file, as well as the exact error itself.
I just tried this by adding a local metadata copy of the above and typing:

  shibd -t

on the command line (check the wiki for MS-Windows syntax):

  2012-01-06 16:28:08 ERROR XMLTooling.ParserPool : error on line 21,
  column 166, message: missing required attribute 'Binding'

So there really is no guesswork involved at all: Line 21 in
cafe-metadata.xml is missing the "Binding" attribute. This fact is
nothing new, as you've heared that now from three different people,
but now you know how you can find out what's wrong yourself easily.

Also, note that from the 26 entities in that metadata only the Czeck
Atlases SP has these errors and those were probably inherited from, i.e. the old Shib version was at, not with RNP.

Our own copy of the Atlases metadata doesn't have any of those errors
(and keys also seem to have changed), so the RNP people should update
their metadata for the Atlases SP for a simple fix.

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