Error in reading metadata file

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Jan 5 14:45:25 GMT 2012

* Pravin Kulkarni <pravin.kulkarni at> [2012-01-05 15:00]:
> ERROR OpenSAML.MetadataProvider.XML : metadata intance failed manual
> validation checking: EndpointType must have Binding. 
> CRIT OpenSAML.MetadataProvider.XML : maintaining existing configuration,
> error reloading resource (URL of the metadata file): Metadata instance
> failed manual validation checking.

Try searching for a Location without a Binding in that metadata instance.

If the failing metadata file (if you don't know which one it is turn
up logging to DEBUG, does not need to be on the production system) is
publicly available, you could also post the URL,

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