ShibAccessControl Relative Paths

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Feb 22 03:46:11 GMT 2012

On 2/21/12 10:03 PM, "Aaron Roots" <aaron.roots at> wrote:
>Firstly sorry if I offended any - it was just an idea I found amusing and
>thought it would keep things light.

I'm not offended, I was just trying to explain that the path base location
isn't designed to meet the requirements of this feature, it's baked into
the support for loading any configuration file in the system, most of
which are not part of Apache.

Also, I noted that Apache commands that load files, such as group lists or
other access control information, are loaded relative to the ServerRoot,
not the htaccess file. I don't think the API is designed to permit loading
things from the document tree.

>Yep - I have filed a request now -

As I noted there, I don't think there's modern API to do what you're
asking for. I'm going to run a quick test, but at best it's probably going
to be inconsistent and likely a bit dangerous to use.

Note that the main feature supported by the XML syntax is, I think, part
of Apache 2.4 now. They support AND/OR containers for Require rules.

-- Scott

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