Terracotta and Multiple IDPs

Christopher Bland chris at fdu.edu
Tue Feb 14 16:01:20 GMT 2012

Hello All,

I am still trying to figure out how to integrate my two IDP with 
dedicated SPs environment and would appreciate a sanity check.  This 
idea is based in part on Peter Schober's feedback to my Clustering IDPs 
with different hostnames post

SP-A has a index page that currently redirects users to login if they 
don't have a session or forwards users to Google Apps depending on their 
userid.  I am thinking of changing the behavior of the index page to 
copy the session cookies to cookies with a domain setting and forward 
users to a redirect page on IDP-B.  If both IDPs are sharing state using 
Terracotta can a php page on IDP-B take the domain cookie session 
cookies and recreate them as IDP-B host cookies before forwarding users 
on to their final destination.  At this point the session information 
should match the session information on IDP-B.

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