federated auth with Microsoft Office 365

Paul B. Henson henson at csupomona.edu
Fri Aug 31 16:06:34 EDT 2012

On 8/22/2012 6:34 PM, Randy Wiemer wrote:
> Federated auth with Office 365 is more complicated than a simple proxy of
> the userid/password.  ECP may in fact always work as a proxy but with ADFS
> there are other flows.

According to our Windows guy that's been working with ADFS, the only 
access method that does not send Microsoft the username/password to 
proxy is Outlook Web Access. IMAP, Activesync, MAPI, ..., he says all of 
those proxy the password. I haven't had the time, motivation, or stomach 
;) to review the Microsoft documentation in detail myself, but that's 
the word from our Windows group.

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