Custom authentication and extending the login.jsp element.

Paul Hethmon paul.hethmon at
Fri Aug 31 13:53:30 EDT 2012

Login.jsp does nothing.

It is simply an html form that collects a login ID and password that get
submitted to the authentication servlet. The servlet is where all the
magic happens.

As Scott has mentioned, you are essentially looking into the private
parts. Shib documents Login Handlers. The UsernamePassword login handler
is one of them and includes a page called login.jsp that it uses in its
own private and proprietary way to collect the information it deems
important and necessary in order to authenticate a user.

Now, you can certainly much with that as much as you want, you have all
the code. But to do it right and do anything beyond a trivial
implementation, you will have to build a full Login Handler:


On 8/31/12 1:39 PM, "PARDEE, MARTIN  (MARTIN)" <mlp at>

>In order to extend it, I need some changes.  From my point of view, I'm
>just trying to get to the details of an answer that was previously given:
> "replace the login.jsp with one of your own design".
>In order to do that, I need to know how login.jsp works. I can only
>understand the parts I can see. Something else is happening behind the

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