Custom authentication and extending the login.jsp element.

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Fri Aug 31 13:19:31 EDT 2012

On 8/31/12 12:57 PM, "PARDEE, MARTIN  (MARTIN)" <mlp at>

>I submit the same question to you:  why not just look at the code and
>answer my question?

Because I'm on vacation and was just trying to give you a simple pointer
to the answer? Because I didn't write the code, and so I'm in exactly the
same position as you are?

If you want to believe I'm just being rude to you, that's your prerogative
I guess. You won't be the first and you certainly won't be the last.

>Usually reverse engineering a library to figure out how its'  public
>interfaces work is that last thing I want to do.

We have documentation gaps, and like all open source projects, those gaps
mean that reading the code is all there is. When I wanted to do a custom
handler, I read the code. I tried to answer by remembering what I learned
at the time, which isn't much. I also did look at the JSP page, wherein it
clearly shows the form action being set to *not* j_security_handler in one
of the branches, so that's what I told you based on my memory of how it

BTW, the dev list is the one intended for questions about developing

-- Scott

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