attribute resolver behavior

Christopher Bongaarts cab at
Thu Aug 30 11:42:35 EDT 2012

On 8/29/2012 7:11 PM, David Bantz wrote:
> seems extravagant.  Is there a way to trigger resolution (if that's
> the right term) of only those attributes to be released in the
> current transaction with a specific SP?  Or is this inherently
> efficient enough that I shouldn't fret the additional overhead?

If you use a single LDAP data connector, it will only do one lookup, and 
compute the internal attributes based on that data.

If you use a lot of Script attributes, you might start to feel more impact.

If you query multiple sources, or you have scripts that make calls to 
other external data sources, you might start to feel the effects more.

Basically, it all depends on your attribute definitions and data connectors.
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