Externalizing parameters in attribute-resolver.xml to a properties file

Smith, Matthew J. matt.smith at uconn.edu
Mon Aug 27 13:25:21 EDT 2012

Excellent, thank you!

Matthew J. Smith
University of Connecticut UITS
matt.smith at uconn.edu
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On 8/27/2012 10:51 AM, Smith, Matthew J. wrote:

> I'd like to store Shib IdP configs in our git VCS, but do not want to
> check in files with sensitive information.  Is it possible to
> externalize parameters, such as the principalCredential of the LDAP
> DataConnector, to an external properties file which can be referenced
> by attribute-resolver.xml?  I have search the wiki to no avail, but
> if documentation for this already does exist, please feel free to
> just hit me over the head with it.


As an example, our services.xml:

     <srv:Service id="shibboleth.AttributeResolver"
       <ResourceFilter xsi:type="PropertyReplacement"


Then in attribute-resolver.xml:

     <resolver:DataConnector id="umnLDAP" xsi:type="LDAPDirectory"
         baseDN="o=university of minnesota,c=us"
         principal="cn=Shibboleth Manager,ou=Application
Services,o=University of Minnesota,c=US"

Then in attribute-resolver.xml.properties:

ldap.url = ldap://ldap1.umn.edu ldap://ldap2.umn.edu ldap://ldap3.umn.edu
ldap.password = yeah_you_wish

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