Remap existing attribute at IdP for a particular SP?

Rob Ansaldo rlansaldo at
Thu Aug 23 11:48:00 EDT 2012

On Aug 23, 2012, at 10:34 AM, Peter Schober <peter.schober at> wrote:

> * Rob Ansaldo <rlansaldo at> [2012-08-23 15:22]:
>> We have a commercial SP that insists that our IdP assert an
>> eduPersonPrincipalName for each of our users and that this value be
>> a unique identifier for each user that will not change over
>> time. Our eppn is the user's netid, which can change over time (name
>> changes, class year change, etc). Our employeeNumber attribute does
>> not change over time and we would like to provide this attribute for
>> eppn, but just for this one SP.
> Usually you would create a new attribute definition in your IdP, pull
> in employeeNumber as value and encode it as eduPersonPrincipalName on
> the wire.
> Then only release this new attribute to this specific SP, not your
> original one with netid values.
> -peter
> --

Works perfectly! A little messy to have a "special" attribute for one SP, but I can live with it.

Thank you!

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