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Tue Aug 21 17:01:46 EDT 2012


I am new to the whole Shibboleth stuff. I have spent the last couple of days reading any and everything I can find on it and I am still unclear on some things. Here is what I am trying to do. I have confluence and another web application for which I want to implement SSO. The username information resides in Confluence. The idea was if the user is logged into confluence and clicked on this other website's link from within Confluence they wouldn't have to log in again. Shibboleth was suggested and sounded like the right solution, however, now I am not so sure. I read up on the Confluence Shibboleth Authenticator but that ends up making Confluence the SP. But if I configure it that way then what's my idp authenticating the users against since they are in confluence's mysql database?

Am I going all wrong about this? If not can someone provide some high level pointers?

I'd very much appreciate it.

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