Question about ApplicationOverrides and documentation regarding metadata

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Mon Aug 20 18:33:17 EDT 2012


I have multiple v2.4.3 SPs and each defined in an ApplicationOverride and
vhost and I am able to bring up metadata for each SP.  The documentation
indicates this below but it doesn't say what will be wrong or missing. 

"The built-in Metadata generator, located by default at
/Shibboleth.sso/Metadata, is unable to automatically generate metadata for
application overrides. You'll need to create the metadata by hand. See
MetadataForSP for more information about writing your own SP metadata file" 

One of my SPs was originally the only one (v2.2) so it was defined as the
ApplicationDefault and the metadata  looks very similar.  After upgrading
and switching to ApplicationOverrides, I generated the metadata in the same
way ( and sent it to the IDP
admin.  The IDP is shibboleth and the admin said it looked fine.  The site
is working too. 

I am setting up another site and am able to bring up the Metadata.  Is the
documentation speaking of something else. 


In the metadata when ApplicationDefault was used, the X509 certificate is
different, there is an extra certificate (md:KeyDescriptor use="signing")
and there are these lines when there when it was the only SP.     


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