How to clean the SP after "shibsp::ConfigurationException"

Rainer Hoerbe rainer at
Mon Aug 20 13:07:40 EDT 2012

> Then I would guess metadata's involved somewhere.

I own the metadata and did not change it. Shibd did not detect a change either for at least 3 days:
"remote resource ( unchanged, adjusted reload interval to 7200 seconds"

>> The strange thing is: In the error state I restored former, working
>> versions of my shibboleth2.xml, restarted shibd with them, but the error
>> state remained.
> That doesn't seem strange to me at all.

Yes, shibboleth2.xml does not seem to be the cause, although I believe that it is the only artifact that I changed. 

I will wait fro some hours if there is a timeout of either the problem or my ability to see the cause.

- Rainer

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