incorporating opensso metadata and extended metadata xml files into shibboleth SP

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Aug 20 11:44:56 EDT 2012

>Do I use the extended metadata file at all or just the non-extended file

It doesn't make any difference.

>I do not know about LDAP so I will see about adding something like this
>to the bottom of the map file.  Some research showed the need for
>AttritributeDecoder.  Did you have to do anything with that please?

You have to lnow the syntax of the attributes you want to receive and then
what you plan to do with them. That determines the decoder that applies.
If they're simple strings, then the default behavior is sufficient.

>The admin for the IDP sent me a screenshot of NamdID Format Current
>Values.  Do you know if I have to do anything with this?

You would have to discuss that with your partner. We can't tell you what
they plan to provide you and whether the NameID is significant or not.

-- Scott

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