Multiple Username/Password login handlers

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Thanks Chad and Brent. I  always pour over the documentation before asking any questions. It's some of the best documentation, assuming you understand the concepts.

I was close on defining the configname for the second servlet but I'm still being redirected to the default UsernamePassword servlet. I plan on picking it back up once school starts again and I have a little more time. Once I have a working config I'll post it here or on the wiki.

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See, docs are good for something after all.  ;)

On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 2:59 PM, Brent Putman <putmanb at> wrote:
> On 8/8/12 10:30 AM, Chad La Joie wrote:
>>  I *think* there is a
>> configuration option that allows you to specify the name of the JAAS 
>> configuration you want to use.  So you'd load the same config file in 
>> both handlers.  The file would have two different configs and you'd 
>> reference them in the config of each login handler.
> The config option exists, but it's not on the LoginHandler, it's 
> actually a servlet parameter (jaasConfigName) on the servlet.  So for 
> this scenario you have to create a second UsernamePassword servlet in 
> web.xml, set param jaasConfigName on it, and then point the second 
> LoginHandler at it with authenticationServletURL.  The servlet param 
> is documented here:
> dPAuthUserPass-UsingaDifferentJAASConfiguration
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