federated auth with Microsoft Office 365

Paul B. Henson henson at csupomona.edu
Wed Aug 15 16:35:47 EDT 2012

Our email group is evaluating migrating faculty/staff mail to 
Microsoft's Office 365 product, which evidently can do federated 
authentication either with Microsoft's ADFS or shibboleth. As we have 
already deployed shibboleth, I was asked to look at whether it would be 
feasible to use for this purpose.

I was wondering if anyone had already done this? From reviewing the 
Microsoft instructions:


This seems very kludgy 8-/. Despite apparently belonging to Incommon, it 
appears Microsoft requires individual and separate configuration of 
metadata for the office 365 SP. They also insist on a unique relying 
party and their own special attributes.

My initial inclination is to just tell them to go ahead and deploy ADFS 
and avoid contaminating my current nice clean shibboleth configuration 
:). I would though be curious for any feedback from people that have 
tried to implement this.

Thanks much...

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