AttributeResolver Template

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue Aug 14 11:03:03 EDT 2012

On 8/14/12 3:08 AM, "Aaron Howell" <aaron.howell at> wrote:
>I am installing a new 2.5 SP and trying to replace aliases (now
>deprecated) with an AttributeResolver. I thought I should be able to do
>this simply with the Template Plugin - as it is simply a "source" that
>populate a "destination"

Well, I'd think just tweaking the app would be a bit simpler, but yes, you
could do that. I just mean that I'm not trying to deprecate a feature by
forcing people to add tons of XML to their configuration instead.

>Am I missing something here?

I think you followed the example rather than the docs themselves and the
example was wrong. It's "sources", not "source". I fixed the example.

-- Scott

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