Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Fri Aug 10 04:20:58 EDT 2012

* Christian Bösch <boesch at fhv.at> [2012-08-10 09:49]:
> I'm trying to set up EDS on my SP v2.3

Then you should update first ;)

> Point 2 on the page says to add a Handler of type DiscoveryFeed. But the SP says: Unknown plugin type.
> And on the page https://wiki.shibboleth.net/confluence/display/SHIB2/NativeSPHandler#NativeSPHandler-DSFeed
> the Handler type of DiscoveryFeed seems only to be supported on versions 2.4 and above?
> Is this a mistake in the documentation?

It also says "Configuration of Shibboleth SPs, which should be running
version 2.4 or later, is detailed below." at the beginnin, in 3.1.

IMHO the headings of that page are misleading. I don't take "3.1.2 SP
installed prior to version 2.4" to mean "SPs with versions < 2.4"
(since that would also contradict 3.1), but merely as a hint, that if
you installed an earlier version of the SP and only updated the
software (to at least 2.4) without ever changing the configuration,
you would need to add the DiscoveryFeed handler yourself.
Adding that confoguration to a software version without support for
that (i.e., any version below 2.4) will lead to just that error
If you come up with a description/heading that's both short enough and
clearer feel free to change that page (I can't think of anything atm).


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