EDS - Preferred IDP does not display

Simon Bright simon.bright at e2bn.org
Thu Aug 9 11:46:20 EDT 2012

Hi all 

I'm coming up to speed on deploying the Embedded Discovery Service. I have a test environment so can play as much as required. I have configured my SP to default to shibboleth-ds/index.html and have configured /etc/shibboleth-ds/idpselect_config.js. 

I started out by not having a preferred IDP ie the parameter this.preferredIdP is null 

My test federation metadata loads fine and my idp and mdui info appears in my DiscoFeed. I can select it from the drop down box on the index.html page. The mdui Display Name appears ok and if I return back to the page via my protected link the idp's logo appears. 

I then turn on preferred idp by the following code 

this.preferredIdP = 'https://idp3.e2bn.org/idp/shibboleth'; 

However when I visit the protected link, I just get "Use a suggested selection:" appearing with no IDP info underneath. The drop down option still works ok. 

Is there something wrong with the syntax of the this.preferredIdP ? 

DiscoFeed data below 

 "entityID": "https://idp3.e2bn.org/idp/shibboleth",
 "DisplayNames": [
  "value": " IDP3 TEST IDP",
  "lang": "en"
 "Descriptions": [
  "value": " The test IDP for E2BN",
  "lang": "en"
 "Logos": [
  "value": "https://passport2.e2bn.org/images/E2BN_NEN_Small.gif",
  "height": "50",
  "width": "100"


Simon Bright 
Technical Services Manager 
01462 834588 
07912 853 107 

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