Shibbolet SP/iDP and ADFS 2.0 iDP to protect web pages

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Aug 8 03:53:13 EDT 2012

* Renzo De Renzi <renzos at> [2012-08-08 09:11]:
> I couldn't understand how to redirect the authentication of that
> folder to the ADFS 2.0 machine, I imagine it should be managed
> through the shib.conf and shibboleth2.xml files but I did some tests
> changing AuthType in shib.conf from "shibboleth" to "adfs" with no
> success.

The "authtype shibboleth" directive is required for httpd to let
mod_shib (the "shibboleth" Service Provider) handle authN. It does
/not/ specify that the IdP you'd like to interact with here is of the
"Shibboleth" implementation. Hence there is no "AuthType adfs" for the
Shibboleth SP.
If you want active protection (see the documentation) like with the
other two resources, you'll need to configure it just like the other
two resources (authtype, require, etc.)

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