IDP initiated SSO

Susan Forr susan_forr at
Mon Aug 6 15:19:55 EDT 2012

Thanks Nate. I have a few more questions on the same line.
I have the following use case:

A user logs into our app.·        
The user sees links to a number of SP.

initiated SSO....User clicks on a link to one of the SP. The
SAML (Shibboleth IDP) comes into play and verifies the user and his

The user is redirected
to the SP (as he is already logged in).

Is this use case supported by Shibboleth , esp the
Shibboleth IDP? What changes do we need to make in our app to support the
communication with Shibboleth IDP or is it just through some config files?

Where can I find a detailed installation instruction for
Shibboleth IDP? I have found a number of articles online. Most of them also
require installation of AD. I want to install my app, Shibboleth IDP and a MY
SQL db (to store user credentials)….where can I find a document that will guide
me through such a setup?

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Please try this resource:
On Aug 6, 2012, at 18:49 , Susan Forr wrote:I need to use Shibboleth to support IDP initiated SSO. A user logs in to our app. On one of our page, he clicks on the link to SP. I would like to use SHibboleth IDP to verify the credentials so that the user and be redirected to the SP. How can I achieve this with Shibboleth. Please guide me. I am a newbie to SSO and Shibboleth.

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