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Fri Sep 30 18:29:12 BST 2011

I'm installing on a test 2008 SP2 server with IIS 6. Running 'shibd.exe -check' yields:

      Overall configuration is loadable, check console for non-fatal problems

Viewing' (where the 'x's are my test webserver IP) gives 'Application Web Login Service Failure'

     shibsp::ConfigurationException: Shibboleth handler invoked at an unconfigured location.

native_warn.log and native.log say the same thing.

I have the following in <RequestMap>:

     <Host name=""><Path name="secure" requireSession="true" authType="shibboleth"/></Host>

But when I go to, the page loads with no Shibboleth request.

Thanks for the assistance,
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