xmltooling-1.4.2 configuration problem

Russell J Yount rjy at cmu.edu
Thu Sep 29 19:11:40 BST 2011

This one may be more for the historians out there.

We are trying to compile a Shibboleth SP on Solaris 8 following the instructions on the wiki. When we attempt to configure xmltooling-1.4.2 or xmltooling-1.4.1 we see error text which does not make much sense and configure fails. When we duplicate the test being performed by configure manually everything is fine. I have included the ERROR output, TEST command, and TEST compilation source at the end of this mail.

Has anyone seen this before?


---- ERROR output from configure
configure:18673: checking log4shib/CategoryStream.hh presence 
configure:18673: CC -E -I/opt/shibboleth-sp/include -mt -D_REENTRANT -xO2  conftest.cpp 
configure:18673: $? = 0 
configure:18673: result: yes 
configure:18673: checking for log4shib/CategoryStream.hh 
configure:18673: result: yes 
configure:18693: CC -o conftest -mt -D_REENTRANT  -xO2 -Qoption ccfe -stabs=no%dfltlit+no%dflthlp -I/opt/shibboleth-sp/include -mt -D_REENTRANT -xO2   conftest.cpp -L/opt/shibboleth-sp/lib -llog4shib -lpthread -lnsl -lsocket -lpthread -ldl  >&5 
__1cDstdElist4Cin0AJallocator4Ci___Ferase6Mn0CIiterator_2_2_ is out-of-date and will be regenerated 
__1cDstdElist4Cin0AJallocator4Ci___U__deallocate_buffers6M_v_ is out-of-date and will be regenerated 
"/usr/user/rjy/shibboleth/tmp/xmltooling-1.4.2/conftest.cpp", line 33: Error: Could not open include file <log4shib/Category.hh>. 
"/usr/user/rjy/shibboleth/tmp/xmltooling-1.4.2/conftest.cpp", line 34: Error: Could not open include file <log4shib/CategoryStream.hh>. 
"/usr/user/rjy/shibboleth/tmp/xmltooling-1.4.2/conftest.cpp", line 38: Error: log4shib is not defined. 
"/usr/user/rjy/shibboleth/tmp/xmltooling-1.4.2/conftest.cpp", line 38: Error: log4shib is not defined. 
"/usr/user/rjy/shibboleth/tmp/xmltooling-1.4.2/conftest.cpp", line 38: Error: eol is not defined. 
"/usr/user/rjy/shibboleth/tmp/xmltooling-1.4.2/conftest.cpp", line 38: Error: The function "getInstance" must have a prototype. 
6 Error(s) detected. 
SunWS_cache: Error: Error occurred in invoked compiler, exit status = 6(2).  Aborting.... 
configure:18693: $? = 1 
configure: failed program was:

---- TEST command being executed by configure
CC -o conftest -mt -D_REENTRANT  -xO2 -Qoption ccfe -stabs=no%dfltlit+no%dflthlp -I/opt/shibboleth-sp/include -mt -D_REENTRANT -xO2   conftest.cpp -L/opt/shibboleth-sp/lib -llog4shib -lpthread -lnsl -lsocket -lpthread -ldl

----- TEST file being compiled (conftest.cpp)
/* confdefs.h */
#define PACKAGE_NAME "xmltooling"
#define PACKAGE_TARNAME "xmltooling"
#define PACKAGE_VERSION "1.4.2"
#define PACKAGE_STRING "xmltooling 1.4.2"
#define PACKAGE_BUGREPORT "https://issues.shibboleth.net/"
#define PACKAGE_URL ""
#define PACKAGE "xmltooling"
#define VERSION "1.4.2"
#define STDC_HEADERS 1
#define HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H 1
#define HAVE_SYS_STAT_H 1
#define HAVE_STDLIB_H 1
#define HAVE_STRING_H 1
#define HAVE_MEMORY_H 1
#define HAVE_STRINGS_H 1
#define HAVE_UNISTD_H 1
#define HAVE_DLFCN_H 1
#define LT_OBJDIR ".libs/"
#define SIZEOF_LONG 4
#define HAVE_STRCHR 1
#define HAVE_STRDUP 1
#define HAVE_STRSTR 1
#define HAVE_DLFCN_H 1
#define HAVE_LIBDL 1
#define HAVE_PTHREAD 1
/* end confdefs.h.  */
#include <log4shib/Category.hh>
#include <log4shib/CategoryStream.hh>
main ()
log4shib::Category::getInstance("foo").errorStream() << log4shib::eol
  return 0;

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