IdP access to server environment variables

Christopher Bongaarts cab at
Thu Sep 29 16:47:34 BST 2011

Liam Hoekenga wrote:
> I find myself asking a question that I asked a couple of years ago.
> I'd like to access some environment variables set by our SSO for use  
> in our IdP configuration.
> We're using mod_proxy and mod_proxy_ajp.  I know that mod_proxy_ajp  
> will forward any environment variable with the AJP_ prefix to tomcat.   
> Is it then possible to access them?  (Maybe  
> $requestContext.getAttribute("variableName")?)

I don't know about the general case, but I was able to get at the Apache 
REMOTE_USER and AUTH_TYPE from a login handler with:

         String principalName = httpRequest.getRemoteUser();
         String authType = httpRequest.getAuthType();

Our local SSO sets the AUTH_TYPE variable to distinguish authentication 
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