Dealing with links embedded in Excel

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Sep 28 18:28:16 BST 2011

* McDermott, Michael <michael_mcdermott at> [2011-09-28 19:13]:
> It seems that this problem is documented:


> As in the preceding posts, I do not have a work around in Excel
> (e.g. a way to make Excel open the browser and then pass in the
> link), so if someone does, please let me know.

Saying "As in the preceding posts, I do not have a work around" seems
rather odd, because clearly in the second posts there are detailed
instructions for exactly such a workaround (thanks to Niels forwarding
them) from someone of the "SharePoint Ranger team".

So are you're trying to say that the workaround does not exist or did
not actually work on your specific release of Microsoft software?
Well, either way, the instructions clearly state that this is an issue
with Microsoft'S "Office client", so you know whom to ask.

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